Way of the Wicked

The Last Day of My Life, Skeet Neriv
Prisoners Escape

The warden sure brought a spicy dish to question the newest batch of wicked death row inmates. The pale beauty’s perfume smelled of honey lavender and rain mist, her shawl clung tight in all the right places, and she carried herself like a noble. I have never seen the warden so gentle and kind to another in all my years standing guard. Maybe the old devil is courting her? The noble woman chose the slaver priest to interrogate briefly before leaving with the smiling warden in tow. I noticed she wasn’t wearing her shawl anymore as she sauntered away revealing naked shoulders and an inviting buttock . Ain’t nothing like watching buxom lady in a corset walk away! I don’t know why she wanted to speak with any of human garbage collected in the cell. Nothing special about them, just your average criminals a couple slavers, a murderer, an arsonist, and a prostitute thief. No matter the sorry dogs have already been branded and are set to be publicly executed in three days. Three days too long if you ask me.

Sias, my long time partner, and I patrolled the cell block a few hours later. Something seemed a little fishy with the prisoners. It was like they knew something Sias and me didn’t. I didn’t like it one bit. I could even feel the lanky rogue’s murderous intent. The prostitute as usual offered to service us with her body and the red haired runt harassed us as usual. That guy is a dick! I gave him a hard rap on his red top with my club to teach him some respect. I damn near caved his skull in.

A while later, Sias and me were playing some cards when we heard some strange screeching noises in the cell block. We barged in to find that the prisoners were on the wrong side of their cell. Oh Mitra, the lanky dastard was trying to open Ogre Grumblejack’s cage! That ogre was a rampaging monster we had to keep sedated in order quell his taste for flesh. This was very bad! Sias charged forward but was cut down with a powerful slash from the meat-head slaver. The murdering bastard looked all to happy standing in pool of my friend’s blood. His sadistic glee gave me the chills. How in hell did they get weapons? I fled, locked the cell block door behind me, and sounded the alarm. No one escapes Banderscar, no one.

Soon a platoon of guards backed me up and we barricaded the door with tables and chairs. The escapees eventually shattered the door and pushed through the barricade. Grumblejack took some wild swings at us before we stabbed him to death. Suddenly, the guards to my right and left fell asleep in their boots. How can this be? I rushed to wake them. I saw Loaa the guard holding the doorway turn around and savagely decapitate the guard behind him, who happened to be his brother, Boaa. What the hell is happening? The lanky son of a bitch severed Loaa’s spine with a sharp dagger strike while tumbling through the doorway in one fluid motion. I ordered the last guard standing to get more men. No one escapes Banderscar, no one.

My training and pride triggered, I charged forward determined to avenge Sias’s death. Those wicked dogs will pay the ultimate price! Then my body seized up like a rusty gear. I wanted to swing my sword down at the filthy scum but my arms didn’t move. I wanted to dodge the incoming dagger but I couldn’t. I fell to the ground in a twitching heap. The last thing I saw was the lanky bastard standing over me with a knife. His finger raised across his thin lips.

Skeet Neriv
Banderscar Death Row Guard
Killed by the Stick and Ferrum during Branderscar Prison break

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