Blaze Stokes

Fiery Red Hair, Pale, and Scrawny


Human Sorcerer 1
Primal Fire Elemental Bloodline
LE Medium humanoid
Init +0; Senses Perception +2

AC 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10 (+0 armor)
hp 9 (1d6+3)
Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +4

Speed 30 ft.
Special Attacks
Elemental Ray (7/day) 1d6 fire, 30ft ranged touch attack
Spell-Like Abilities
3/day Dancing Lights
Spells Known/Prepared (Caster Level 1, 2 Evocation)
Cantrips (inf/day) – Detect Magic, Daze, Spark, Prestidigitation
1st (4/day) –

Mage Armor (+4 natural armor)

Burning Hands (2d4+2, 15ft cone, DC 16 reflex)

Str 8, Dex 11, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 18
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 9
Feats Spell Focus Evocation (+1 DC), Magic Tattoo Evocation (+1 Caster), Eschew Materials
Traits Arsonist Crime (+2 damage w/ fire crit)
Skills Bluff 8 (1), Intimidate 8 (1), KW Planes 4 (1)
Languages Common

Bloodline Arcana Fire: +1 fire damage per die rolled

Environment Way of the Wicked
Treasure Carried
Treasure Stowed


My father always told me when the world burns the man who walks through fire is king. So be it. This is my love letter to Talingarde.

“I will make them burn for what they did to me! My elemental fire will drive them from their homes and raze their precious churches into potash. They were lucky to catch me when I was making preparations for my grand finale. I needed to test how much heat was needed to crumble the cathedral walls. The walls were more resilient than I anticipated when several Mitra clerics captured me just as I was adding more fuel to the fire. Being caught by church dogs was embarrassing, being marginalized in their courts a disgrace, and being sentenced to death the last straw. They have taken so much from me, my parents, my faith, and my freedom. I will torch every last Talirean from the fat king to the newest newborn. I will rise from hell like the herald of Asmodeus to enact my fiery vengeance. Their reckoning is coming! I am coming and I bring fire!!!”

Blaze Stokes

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